Just because it works,
doesn't mean it's the right tool.

“Every day our customers make choices to elevate their communities. They operate with objectivity, vision and common sense to improve lives. The Vicinity supports this idealistic courage by providing the right product, the right tool for the job.”

– William Trainer, Grande West Transportation CEO –

Choose Your Bus

Purpose Built to Save Money

Substantial fuel savings
Minimized curb weight reduces road impact
Affordable purchase price
Lower maintenance costs

Purpose Built for Community

Unmatched in-field technical support
Reduced emissions for better air quality
Smaller size minimizes street congestion
Friendlier inviting street appearance

Purpose Built for Rider Comfort

Smoother ride quality
Larger windows for peak natural light
Rear stadium seating gives sense of space
Materials reduce exterior and interior noise

Purpose Built to be Right-Sized

Dimensions provide better drivability
Scale allows for increased accessibility
Extended wheelbase for better stability
Specifically designed, not “cut down

Purpose Built for Efficiency

Simple design for easy maintenance
Quick-change lower body panels
All wheel disc brakes
Utilization of known north american suppliers

Tested for Transit in North America

The US Federal Transit Authority's (FTA) Altoona test is an internationally recognized, tough testing regime which performs 12 years and 500,000 miles of a heavy duty testing.


Fuel Economy

The objective of this test is to provide comparable fuel consumption data on transit buses produced by different manufacturers. The test is comprised of Business District, Arterial and Commuter phases.

  • Overall Average Fuel Consumption: 6.02 MPG

Structural Durability

The primary part of the test program is the Structural Durability Test, which also provides the information for the Maintainability and Reliability results. The test bus encountered no Class 1, 2 or 4 failures. All seven reported failures were Class 3, the lowest among buses in it's class.


Maintenance & Repairs

The objective of this test is to collect maintenance data about the servicing, preventive maintenance, and repair. All significant breakdowns, repairs, man-hours to repair, and hours out of service were recorded.


The Vicinity was born from a need expressed by transit systems looking for a durable, reliable, customer oriented mid-size vehicle at a reasonable price point.


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